All You Need To Know And More

At Due North Outpost Camps we are dedicated to providing our guests with as much information as we can to help create a memorable outdoor experience. In this section you will find generally accepted information and basic techniques for catching both walleye and northern pike. At times we call upon a few of our Master Anglers to give their best advice on season specific techniques which have contributed to their abundant success over the years. It’s advice you can take or leave, but we’re sure you’ll agree that nobody wants to go blindly into something and spend money on tackle which may not be necessary. And as a rule, most people bring way more tackle than they end up using! A helpful length to weight ratio chart is also supplied here and represents the most commonly adopted formulae for these calculations.

Moose and bear are as fascinating to learn about as they are to hunt and the key to hunting success is learning about your prey and planning accordingly. Both of these creatures have come to symbolize Canada and, more importantly, our boreal region of northwestern Ontario.

In this section, you are sure to find out some interesting new details of their existence.

Our outpost experiences will put you in contact with more than just fish. You are virtually guaranteed to see bald eagles, loons, beavers and otters. Maybe you will catch a glimpse of woodland caribou crossing the lake or have a sand hill crane get upset at you for casting into its weed bed.