Frequently Asked Questions

What rate are we going to pay?
~ Find the chart titled “fishing rates”, located in the “fishing” directory of our website. Match up the number of people in your group with the number of nights in your stay and follow the chart for the applicable rate. Please note the number of days of your trip corresponds directly with the number of nights you stay (for example, a four night trip means you will have four full days).
Should we bring drinking water?
~ We supply each group with a 5 gallon jug of potable water at each camp, but do not supply individual bottles. Plan to bring a case of bottled water and then refill the bottles from the supplied jug as necessary.
Are we going to be the only people on the lake?
~ At all of our lakes except for one, yes. Kashishibog Lake has two cabins located in separate areas of the lake. Due to the intense structure of this lake and its sheer size, guests from each camp rarely see one another. At any of our other lakes, you will be the only people on the lake.
If the practice is “Catch and Release”, can we eat the fish when we are there?
~ Yes, your fishing license permits you to keep 2 walleyes between 13 and 17 inches per person per day for your consumption. We do ask, however, that no fish be flown out for you to take home.  This policy is strictly enforced for the future enjoyment of all anglers!
Will our whole group be on the same plane?
~ Usually. We use up to three planes for the transportation of our guests: the Beaver (4 persons), the Norseman (6 persons) and the Turbo Otter (8 persons). They will be used as efficiently as possible in order to keep your group together.
Can you fly beer in to our camp ahead of time?
~ Arrangements can be made to have beer flown in ahead of time when it is purchased from Due North. The weight of these beverages does not count against your gear allotment.
Does 125lbs per person include all of our stuff?
~ Yes, the total weight of your group’s gear (food, equipment and clothing) divided by the number in your group must not exceed 125lbs (except for pre-arranged beverage orders). This is a non-negotiable policy with your safety as our primary concern. Lives are more important than a few extra dollars.
Is there a charge for extra gear?
~ Extra gear will be charged a rate of $1.00 per pound and will be delivered to your outpost at the earliest possible opportunity.
When is the best time to book for next year?
~ The best time to book for next year is when you are leaving our camps this year. We guarantee your spot for the following season until you complete this year’s trip. After that it is open to anyone who would like that spot.
Can we apply to have the GST tax we paid refunded?
~ We charge a total tax of 6.5% instead of the normal 13%. The visitor rebate is being refunded to you on the spot by us.
When is the best time to go fishing?
~ The best time to go fishing is between opening day in May to mid-September, and whenever your schedule allows you to get away, of course!
Will there be bears at the camp?
~ Of course! You are going to be living in the wilderness where black bears are naturally present. However, they tend to be skittish and will generally keep their distance from people. Remember that they will be attracted to food sources (ie: food left in the open, bags of garbage or fish gut pails left in the fish cleaning house). Please do your part to avoid starting a nuisance bear situation.
I have never been to an outpost. Will I have any problems operating equipment?
~ The equipment is well-serviced and easy for you to use. At check-in time we will take you through the details of operation of all equipment along with a complete troubleshooting guide in case you run into any problems.
What amenities are included at each cabin?
~ All of our cabins are considered deluxe and include running water, hot shower, fridge, freezer, stove, BBQ, fish cooker, generator and all cooking/eating utensils. All beds have mattresses and pillows.
What methods of payment do you accept?
~ We accept cash, VISA, Mastercard and personal checks as long as it is accompanied with a VISA number for security. There is a 2.5% service charge added to final invoice payments made by credit card.
Should we bring our own life jackets, nets etc?
~ There are life jackets, nets and bait buckets at the camps, but please feel free to bring your own if you are more comfortable with your own stuff.
How can I reach the base camp in the event of an emergency?
~ Each camp is equipped with a radio phone which does not require a calling card or credit card to phone our base. In the event of phone failure, there are signaling instructions at each camp. Every booking is guaranteed a check flight during their stay in order for us to stay on top of maintenance and/or equipment problems.